Fun with Gouache

Over the weekend I really wanted to paint en plein air (outside), but I only had about an hour so instead I used gouache indoors, working from a photograph of mine. It served as a much needed break from the rest of my work.

Gouache Painting

Gouache is a type of water-based paint. I love using it because of its versatility. It can be used like watercolors or acrylics, and everything in between. To top that off, it’s a breeze to clean up.

Montana Landscape Painting

I love painting so much. It’s so relaxing.


5 thoughts on “Fun with Gouache

  1. Dave S. Koster says:

    I love this painting, you do lovely work. Thinking about Gouache – could I give this to an 8 year old in lieu of other messier paints to try? My daughter loves art stuff and I’m struggling to find more mediums for her to try, particularly those that don’t make an impossible mess.


    • Tori J. says:

      Thank you. I think maybe your daughter should try a different kind of paint before taking on gouache. Tempera might make a better first paint for her to try. It washes off everything, including clothes, and is fairly inexpensive. Acrylic is another paint that she may like, but requires more care as it may not wash off clothes. However, you could give her a big, baggy t-shirt to use as a smock.
      I don’t mean to say that she shouldn’t use gouache, I just think it would be easier for her to learn how to paint with a different medium first. Gouache dries very quickly, is more permanent, and is more expensive than tempera or acrylic paint. Personally, I use acrylic more than anything else, but when I was a child I used tempera. So really, it’s completely up to you. 🙂

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