Destination: Europe

I just got back from my three-week trip to Europe a couple of days ago and I wanted to share some pictures and highlights from the journey. My friend and I inter-railed from Italy to Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland before making our way back to Italy again. It was a ton of fun but I’m also happy to be home.


The charming city of Munich was our first destination. The highlight of our days there was definitely driving to the Alps and going hiking up a huge mountain. I don’t know how high it actually was but it sure was tough going up.


I loved Berlin. It’s so full of energy and there are a lot of fun things to do. We went to a lot of museums and saw what’s left of the Berlin wall and its transformation into a piece of artwork.


Amsterdam is an interesting city full of a lot of tourists and pretty houses. We spent a lot of time walking around the streets and relaxing at parks.


Zurich is a beautiful city that we only got to stay two days in. It is charming but quite expensive! We visited a church and spent the rest of the time roaming around and exploring the streets on foot.


Milan was very interesting in its mix of new and older architecture. It was quite modern and not built for tourists, but it was fun walking around and seeing all of the different types of people.


We took a day trip to Florence as well, which is a beautiful, older city.

Overall, the experience was amazing. I know it’s a trip I’ll remember for the rest of my life.



Land of the Midnight Sun

So I just arrived back home after my two-week trip to Norway. In a word, it was amazing.

Purple Flowers with fjord

For the most part, I stayed in a little cabin my family owns way up in northern Norway, in a town called Burfjord. Because it lies so far past the arctic circle, in the summer the sun doesn’t set. It’s a little hard getting used to going to sleep in daylight, but the breathtaking landscapes are well worth it. Armed with a camera, a journal, and watercolor paints, I was determined to try to capture them.

While in Norway, I started a little travel diary using ink and watercolor. It began as a way of keeping memories for myself that I’d remember more than just pictures. Now that I’ve created quite a few pages, though, I’m considering turning it into a project to share with others 🙂

Painting in Norway

Here’s a few pages from my journal that explain how I arrived and a little of what I did when I got there:

Views from new york to oslo

Day 01

Day 02

Day 02 fishing

Day 02 fishing supplies

It was really fun painting with watercolors and trying to improve.

view of fjord from kitchen

a cloudy night

Overall, the experience was one of the best of my life. I had been to Norway a few times before, but I was so young that I hardly remembered it. I can already tell that I’ll remember this trip forever.

A Garden Adventure

This spring and summer I’ve been taking pictures of my brother’s amazing garden. He has a green thumb and a passion for growing plants like trees, vegetables, and flowers, that I really envy. So I wanted to share some of the shots I took of his colorful little wonderland in the backyard.

Above are photos of my brother’s cute miniature greenhouse. He uses it in an attempt to keep his plants alive during the winter.


And without further ado, some pictures of the lovely garden flowers taken with my phone: 😀

I can’t believe how nature can produce such color and beauty. Each plant has defining characteristics, from the soft folds of petals to distinctive patterns and colors, that make them unique and interesting to observe. Flowers and plants are definitely some of my favorite subjects to photograph. I hope to take more pictures of them as they bloom again this summer.