Little House on the Fjord

Today I found a picture from my trip to Norway some years ago and thought it might make a nice painting. It’s of a fjord not far from my Grandma’s house. In the corner there’s a glacier atop the mountain.

Here are the process pictures:


I’m still trying to get a handle on the medium of gouache. It’s interesting to work with it after painting with oils, which never seem to dry fast enough. With gouache, the paints start drying as soon as I put them on the palette! But I’m learning.


I also tried a technique called “limited pallet” where you only use a few colors for the whole painting. I heard it’s supposed to challenge you to mix more colors instead of using them right from the tube, and leads to a more cohesive painting. Overall I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and I think in the future I’ll try an ultra-limited palette just to see what will happen!


4 thoughts on “Little House on the Fjord

  1. urbancreeksoapsandgifts says:

    This painting is very beautiful. I have never worked with gouache paint before. I have worked with acrylic before, it dries to fast for me. I like the limited palette. I use a work and cool color of each of my primaries. It took me a long time to get use to doing it. Now I love painting that way.

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    • Victorien says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, acrylic does dry very fast, I haven’t used it for a while after discovering oils. I think I’ll try out using warm and cool colors for my palette too, sounds like a good idea. Happy painting!


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