The Final Frontier

While waiting for all the snow to melt outside from the blizzard last weekend, I was keeping busy with practicing watercolors. One of my goals this year is to improve my drawing and painting, as well as to develop a unique art style, so I’ve been trying to hold fast to that goal. So far it’s been very fun.

For some reason I’ve been interested in “space” stuff lately, like galaxies, astronauts, and fantasy space-travel. I’ve always loved looking up at the night sky, feeling incredibly small, and wondering what it would be like to actually be in outer space. Becoming an astronaut in reality is not something I’m really cut out for, though, so the next best thing, I think, is creating the dream through art. 🙂

Peaceful Planet


So I created these two characters, Michael and GG, who travel through space as explorers, landing on alien planets and discovering new galaxies.



Green Planet

Finished Painting

Michael A. Earnhardt is the name of the astronaut, and GG, his little robot-companion who keeps him company during the often-lonely journey through deep space. Together they have all kinds of adventures.

SCN_0004 (2)

I think it’s the romantic nature of “exploration” in general that draws me to this particular story. I like imagining the vastness of space and the tininess of this crew, journeying across light-years in a cozy little ship. That’s what I’m trying to convey through these works, so that others can maybe experience the same feelings as I do.

Michael In Space

I’ve been trying to experiment and improve lately in my color choices. I researched “color theory” online a bit, and I’m still not entirely sure what it means, but I’m attempting to think of color in terms of lighting- as in how a light source in affects the whole environment in the same way, changing its colors accordingly. It’s still a struggle to pick colors that go together, but I think practicing is definitely helping a bit.

I’m not really sure where this project is going at the moment. So far it’s just a few random scenes, but I’m thinking about maybe making a few comic pages or experimenting digitally with these two in the future.


14 thoughts on “The Final Frontier

  1. Graphic Novel Girl says:

    Tori J. Your pictures are Awesome. The colors and the faces of the characters are captivating. You should really consider using these for a graphic novel. Space travel is trendy in graphic novels right now. I think your paintings and characters would be perfect for a sci-fi graphic. It’s a perfect way to showcase your beautiful artwork.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tori J. says:

      Thank you so much! It’s been really fun to work on so far so I’m definitely going to think about expanding the story into a graphic novel/comic. Thanks for the idea! I’m going to see how I can develop it in the coming months. 🙂


  2. Casey says:

    I found you on I LOVE your work. Whimsical in the best ways. The colors are great. How do you do the stars—do you put something on the paper first to block the color absorption, or do you add white paint after painting the dark colors? I’ve always wondered that about watercolors. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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