Moving Along

You know that big goal I set for myself- to finish thumbnail sketches for Solstice? Well, it didn’t quite work out  (surprise, surprise). Normally I’d be pretty disappointed, but in this case I’m still happy because I’m making progress. And I consider any progress at all to be a great thing.

So far I have sketched 34 pages of thumbnails. It seems like a lot but I think I have a long way to go considering I’m not even through half of the script.

solstice sketch binder

Yes, it’s a mini binder. Shhh- I know I have a problem. It’s just so cute and easy to organize. I even found these little plastic page holder things that perfectly fit my half-page sketches. It’s great because I can rearrange pages, re-edit them, and see how the book is going to read.
solstice sketch binder 2

solstice thumbnail sketch p 22

A couple of surprises I hadn’t accounted for made it harder to fulfill my goal of completing all of the thumbnail sketches for Solstice by yesterday (which I think was pretty insane to begin with):

  1. The tire of our car popped
  2. I misjudged how many sketch pages my script would create
  3. I misjudged how much time I really had (I always do that when traveling)

My goal for now is to just keep moving. 🙂 Hopefully next time I’ll have a more exciting update.

In the meantime, please enjoy some random nature sketches XD :

solstice nature sketching 3


6 thoughts on “Moving Along

  1. Heidi Hjort says:

    You’re really good at drawing, Tori. Exciting project and I will be following with great interest. And I agree with you that mini things are irresistable and less intimidating, especially notebooks. I just realized I love mini things too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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