So I’ve done some more work on Solstice and even started thumbnail sketches within the deadline I set. I didn’t finish the written script, though. I couldn’t keep going without some idea of what the story was going to look like on the paper. It was getting really hard for me to visualize everything while writing.

Here are some pictures of the pages that are pretty legible:

They don’t really count as thumbnail sketches because they’re so detailed, but I figured you’d rather see them than badly drawn boxes and stick-figures. I don’t know what size the book will be yet but I figured that a piece of copy paper folded in half was a good enough measurement to start with.

Turns out starting thumbnail sketches without finishing the script was a good idea. The story has changed. Again. It feels like it’s been through at least fifty different changes, but I found a storyline that I like a bit better than the previous one so I have to rewrite part of the script. That’s okay, because I know the end product will be better now! It’s good the changes are coming out before I do anything drastic.

As I was sketching thumbnails, it occurred to me how important they were to the creation of a graphic novel/comic. They help lay important groundwork that’s otherwise just swimming around in my head. They also get the major issues out of the story before I work on the minor ones, making it easier in the long run.

With that, I’ll present a random front-page/cover idea that I couldn’t resist developing:

solstice cover idea

Like I said- just an idea. (It’s supposed to be an animal made out of little trees and stuff, by the way). It looks a little too scary and demon-ish to me right now, but who knows? Maybe after I get the story done It’ll be fitting. The book is going to play with the idea of nature’s dark side.

My plan for now is to keep developing the story while working on the script and sketching thumbnails and character reference sheets. So basically doing everything at once. Yeah, this plan isn’t going to end horribly or anything.


10 thoughts on “Experimenting

  1. R. Floyd says:

    Hi Tori, are you thinking about becoming a cover artist and a writer? I’ve met some great cover artists on twitter. Sometimes I just like to stare at their artwork. I love your cover idea. Creepy, but not overly creepy because I can make out the trees and the birds above. Cool idea!

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    • Tori J. says:

      Hi! I don’t know about being a cover artist but I’d love to be a writer. I like looking at covers too, but I don’t have a twitter XD Thank you for the comment! I’m glad it kind of made sense. I’ll probably make a lot more experimental covers in the future. They’re fun to make!


  2. fuzzynerd says:

    Never be afraid to make changes! I had my first novel outlined with the ending already in place. Then it changed. And changed again. It ended sooner than I thought it would and in a different way. The same with my second for that matter, lol. I find the unexpected changes to be my favorite and most exciting part of my stories. Anyway, keep on keepin’ on and have fun!

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    • Tori J. says:

      I totally agree! Sometimes it’s a little scary because I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but in that way it’s also exciting. Lol, I know that feeling, when stories want to go in their own direction, regardless of our careful outlines! Thank you for inspiring comment. I’m having a ton of fun and can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.

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    • Tori J. says:

      Thanks! It’s cool that you enjoy drawing as well. I use reference all the time, usually from photographs. It really helps me practice and improve. It can be hard to schedule time for drawing but I like to switch my focus from writing to art and vice versa every couple months. Thank you for stopping by!

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  3. Graphic Novel Girl says:

    Tori J., your work is amazing! I love the cover concept. I hope you get your story to fit with it. That book will definitely be on my radar. I love dark. If I’m not reading, I’m on Pinterest looking at memerio morti of dead Victorians. Lol. Would you be willing to give a teaser about what the story line is? I’m new to your blog so if you wrote about it already, let me know where to look for that post. Also, you said you wrote a novel. That’s so great. Is it published? What is the title? What’s it about? I’m really interested.

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    • Tori J. says:

      Thank you so much! I can’t believe that you’d want to read my story and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂 It will definitely be dark and kind of like “the Lord of the Flies”. I didn’t write about the storyline yet but I will for my next post.

      My novel is called City of Air. It’s a fantasy story about a boy who discovers that he can travel to different dimensions. As soon as he does so, however, an evil traveler finds out and quests to kill him by kidnapping his mother and luring him into a trap. It’s not published and I don’t think it will be just because it was my first novel and I feel there’s a lot for me to learn. Thank you so much for the interest, though. It really inspires me. I’m planning to write another novel this summer that I’ll put a lot more work in.


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