Weeds and Wildflowers

swing around the fire
whisper words beneath the lies
weave the nature through your hair
weeds and wildflowers

fingertips entwine
soft as wind and sweet as wine
feel the earth beneath bare feet
weeds and wildflowers

cries steal down your neck
in your eyes the world reflects
let the spirit through the door
weeds and wildflowers

locust wings and honey
mix and burn greens so lovely
spilling in your violet eyes
weeds and wildflowers

white hair forms a nest
beneath trees you lay to rest
from slackened fingers’ grasp, falls
weeds and wildflowers


I wrote this poem last year when I was inspired by nature 🙂

© 2014


4 thoughts on “Weeds and Wildflowers

  1. R. Floyd says:

    Your poem has a lyrical sound that makes it easy and smooth to read. Very nice! I’ve thought about reading poetry at times because it’s encouraged by writing coaches. There’s some awesome descriptive language in poems that a lot of writers can learn from.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tori J. says:

      Thank you! Poetry definitely doesn’t come easy to me so I’m glad it came across okay. I love reading poetry and I think it does help with writing. Poetry can teach writers how to make the most out of their words and to make each one meaningful, as well as the descriptive language you mentioned.


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