Writing my Graphic Novel Script

I started writing the script for Solstice and so far it’s about four pages altogether. It’s definitely been a challenge because it’s so different from prose writing and I have to concentrate on how it will work visually.

Part of the challenge was finding a format to write in. On the internet there’s a multitude of different formats, from writing the content of each panel in paragraphs to creating something that resembles a screenplay.

So I had to experiment and try different things. Eventually, I came across a video called “How to write for comics! Comics for Beginners episode 2” by Palle Schmidt. He used a format closer to what I wanted and put some helpful notes. Here’s a shot from the video:

comic script template

Schmidt’s Format

By using this format, I wouldn’t have to think about the panels and page in such detail. So I tried it, and I like how it’s working. Here’s the first page of the first draft:

excerpt solstice format

My Attempt

The dialogue is in the middle of the page, with visual description and random notes to myself between it. The internal monologue I put in italics.

It’s really experimental at the moment, since I’m still trying to figure this whole process out and use it to build a story. It doesn’t feel like I know what I’m doing, but that’s okay. It’s all in good fun.

The deadline I’m setting for myself is a week from now- March 15. Hopefully by then I’ll be ready to start thumbnail sketches. Onwards!


4 thoughts on “Writing my Graphic Novel Script

  1. R. Floyd says:

    It’s fun to read about your work. Do keep me posted on this, please. Oh, I’d love to create a graphic novel with the current story I’m writing. It would work so well, and I think teen girls would love it since many girls are reading graphic novels now. Some day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tori says:

      Thank you. I’m still working on the script and will update soon. That’s a great idea- you should try it! I think they’re pretty popular with that crowd. I for one would read it!


      • R. Floyd says:

        Oh my! All I can draw is stick figures. Lol! I checked around and it would cost me about $15K to $20K just to have an 80 page graphic novel done. So I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Oh well, I can always dream, right? 🙂


      • Tori says:

        Well that’s definitely not cheap! That’s ok, you can always stick with the project you’re working on right now. 🙂 Who knows what the future holds?


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